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Selling Tips

Preparing the property for sale

It is often the little things that greatly assist in the presentation of a property. These include but are not limited to:

  • Refreshing the garden and removing trees or hedges that overshadow the
    property (ensuring the property presents well from the street)
  • Making sure the house or apartment is properly furnished and avoid too much
  • Removing expensive or valuable item prior to having a home open
  • Conducting minor repairs or repainting prior to offering the property for sale

The “For Sale” board

This is often referred to as the 24-hour salesman. It is always working. Where possible a for sale sign should always be placed on the property and should highlight specific benefits the property offers.

What is a fair price?

Your sales consultant should be able to assist you in this regard, however it pays to do your own research and understand what other properties in the area are selling for. Listen to what your sales consultant has to say, as the highest appraisal is not always the right one. You must feel that the price you are offering the property for is achievable or you will simply waste time and advertising money.

Negotiating with the buyer

When receiving the offer from your consultant, you should ensure that you fully understand any clauses written into the contract and how they may impact upon you.

You may decide to accept them once the conditions are satisfied you have a binding contract. Should you decide to counter at a higher price or to alter certain conditions, you should be aware that if you counter the prospective purchaser does not accept you may have lost your sale.

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